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Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts

We provide superior quality Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts. In general it is economical to adopt a heat resistant belt if the temperature of the material to be carried is over 60oC (140oF). As the damage of cover depends on the temperature and nature of transported material, the proper selection of a belt to fit in particular operating conditions is important. Especially the relation of temperature between the material and belt surface should be considered when selecting the belt.

When transporting material of high temperature, the temperature of belt surface rises by contact with material, but on the return journey the heated surface gets cooled naturally by air so that the surface temperature becomes considerably cooler than that of the material. The temperature depends on kind, size, temperature, quantity of the material to be carried, belt speed, belt length, etc. This belt is designed for transporting cement clinker, cokes, sintered ores, soda ash, chemicals, fertilizers etc. These belts are produced as per the International Standards as well as specific requirement of the customers. with Rubber cover M-24 and N-17. Normally the following Rubber Cover grades are produced by us in Heat Resistant Grade.

  • HR T1 : Upto 120° Centigrade 
  • HR T2 : Upto 150° Centigrade
  • HR T3 :  Upto 180° Centigrade


Applications of Heat Resistant Belts :
Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Fertilizer plants etc.

Additional Information

Product Code Heat Resistant Conve

Types Available
  • HRT1 : Heat Resistant Type-1
  • HRT2 : Heat Resistant Type-2
  • SHR-180o C : Superior Heat Resistant
  • UHR - 200oC : Ultra Heat Resistant
Demanded For Handling
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Steel& Alloys
  • Rolling Plants
  • Mining& Plants Handling Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Iron Ores
  • Gaseous Coal Lignite
  • Hot Crushed Sponge Iron